TON Register - put marks on blockchain

The first blockchain based marks register system. For students and teachers from all over the globe!

Main features


Everyone can see the marks in the blockchain. In the same time, no personal data is stored in the blockchain.


It’s not possible to change once given marks or to add unauthorized mark.


You don’t need to setup and maintain any server to work with the system.


All the software is open source and free, you only need to pay blockchain fees (around $2-3 for each subject).

TON Register contains

Teacher's application

Multiplatform desktop application for the teacher. Here the teacher can create new registers for their subjects, fill the students lists and give marks to the students.

Student's application

Desktop application for students. Here the students may keep track of the subjects they are enrolled to and see their marks.

TON smart contract

Secure and lightweight smart contract that is used to accept, store and display marks for a subject. The smart contract is deployed to the TON Blockchain and may be accessed via applications or directly via any client.

How it works

About me

My name is Andrei Marchenko. I'm developing solutions for TON blockchain since September 2019. I have experience in designing and writing smart contracts, web and desktop applications. I can start, plan and manage the project.